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Our coaches are expert, every day developers
who will mentor you throughout your ReactJS

Our coaches - professional developers who love to teach

The React GraphQL Academy coach values:

  • Passion
  • Empathy
  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Continuous learning
  • Forward thinking
  • Determination
  • Feedback
  • Best-practices
  • Cutting-edge

Alex Lobera #

Tech Lead at LeanJS

  • Full-stack JavaScript Developer passionate about teaching React since May, 2016.
  • Alex holds a computer science degree and he is also a certified teacher in Spanish language.
  • Organizer of the JavaScript London Meetup and other popular meetups in the EU.
"Teaching other developers is very rewarding. I love sharing what I've learned in my career to help others grow and give back. I think this is what really makes our industry move forward."

Richard Moss#

Senior React Engineer at LeanJS

  • Focused on delivering cutting-edge React, Redux, and GraphQL projects for top companies like Boston University.
  • Serial entrepreneur passionate about teaching. Founded an online school in 2012, and hasn’t stopped.
  • Organizer of the JavaScript Lisbon Meetup and React GraphQL Academy bootcamps.
"Collaboratively working with developers to help them understand concepts such as the functional programming paradigm helps them take their skills to the next level - and I learn a lot too!"

Horacio Herrera#

Designer and Developer at LeanJS

  • Holds a Digital Design degree, self-taught developer, and open source contributor.
  • Working with cross-functional product teams since 2010.
  • Organizer of the JavaScript Barcelona Meetup.
"I love teaching and seeing other developers grow..."

Eva Hoffmann#

Software Engineer at DAZN

  • Currently, a front-end engineer working with React/Mobx.
  • Holds a degree in computer science and social sciences, interested in the social impact of technologies.
  • Always curious to learn new things and share it with others.
"Everyone can learn how to program, and I enjoy supporting others to learn and expand their skill set. Programming is such an important skill set and I am particularly passionate about diversity in tech."

Will Voelcker#

Senior Full-stack JavaScript Engineer at LeanJS

  • Professional web developer since 2005.
  • Qualified teacher, experienced teaching in a variety of settings.
  • Experience working for start-ups and international corporations.
"I love working with developers to help them improve their skills, stretch their brains, further their understanding, and advance their career."

Roy Derks#

Senior Frontend Developer at City of Amsterdam, CTO at SwitchBay

  • Develops products with React, React Native, and GraphQL for startups and non-profits.
  • Regularely talks on conferences about JavaScript and related technologies such as ReasonML. Founded multiple startups since the age of 16, hasn't stopped working ever since.
  • Always looking at what's on the horizon and curious about new technologies.
"When in doubt, start coding."

David Leuliette#

Senior Front-end Engineer

  • Focused on building memorable UX and scalable User Interface.
  • Used to teach collaboration with GitHub,bootstrapping web products and Growth Hacking at University.
  • Organizer of the ChtiJS Meetup in France.
"When you work 8 hours a day with a tool, every second matters."

Francisco Gomes#

Software Engineer at Sainsbury's

  • Builds products with React and GraphQL.
  • Currently finishing his degree in Business and Information Systems.
  • Crazy about innovation and structured solutions.
"While teaching, the technology itself is not life-changing. It's the passion and commitment."

Paul Woodley#

Head of UX / Product Design at LeanJS

  • A designer with over 15 years experience in User Experience and UI design.
  • Lead UX on projects for Bank of England, Thomas Cook and Boston University.
  • Loves the design/dev crossover and finding ways bring those worlds together.
"I'm not a developer, but code is what is used to bring design to life so it's important everyone involved understands eachother!"

How we continuously improve #

React GraphQL Academy is made up of a group of developers & coaches that continuously strive improve their teaching skills and training material

  • We improve the material and training resources collaboratively to build the most complete, progressive, and and up-to-date curriculum possible.
  • We train together to improve our teaching skills in order to maximize the learning of the trainees.
  • We share our expertice working at various top companies to create excellence in training, taking an open approach to new tecnologies without being prescriptive.

The React GraphQL Academy coach manifesto#

Coaches are curious

We know technology changes constantly, we embrace change and we always keep learning. Learning is a never-ending process.

Coaches provide alternatives to help students make informed decisions

Coaches explain why we use a given stack and which problem(s) it solves, and we should also explain alternative choices. This way, trainees can make their own informed decisions about what stack to use.

Coaches guide students

Everyone learns differently. We shouldn’t tell students what they can do or what they can’t do. We make recommendations, and we explain the rationale behind our recommendations, then trainees choose. We should try to balance the amount of freedom.

Coaches are professional developers

Bring your experience to the classroom. We try to explain things in the classroom using real-world examples we’ve worked on. Expressions like “in my experience” are very helpful.

Coaches are honest and humble

Coaches don’t have to know everything. It’s better to say “I don’t have any experience on that”, than trying to pretend you know. We also learn from students, and students appreciate when coaches say things like “thanks for sharing, I didn’t know”.

Teaching is not simple

Building real-world software is not a simple problem. Normally what a developer should do or not do depends on the case. Sometimes students want a simple answer: “what should I do, A or B?”. The answer in many cases is “it depends”. Our job is to make sure we understand trainees’ problems, and they understand the pros & cons of each approach we might recommend depending on the case.

Coaches are proactive and self-managed

Coaches don’t join to be told what to do. Coaches communicate, have initiative, and collaborate for the common good of the group.

Coaches are generous

We share and help others. Helping is not a transactional event. Being able to help has nothing to do with status, experience or knowledge. Being able to help has to do with being willing to help. We can learn from anyone, everyone has something to teach.

We respect each other

Treat people as you would like them to treat you. If you mentor another coach, you expect the other coach to appreciate and get the most of your time and effort and to replicate at least the same amount of effort. We don’t mentor another coach over and over again if we don’t see enough effort and dedication on the other end. If someone mentors you, you should also mentor.

Coaches pursue excellence

We believe being excellent has nothing to do with not making mistakes. Being excellent means working hard to do things right, and to learn from our mistakes so we do our best to not make them again.

Our community is open

We are not an exclusive VIP group, meaning we are inclusive. We welcome new coaches and people to our community. The only barrier to entry is motivation and attitude, those who work with us as coaches will be proactive people that want to help others.

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