5 reasons why advanced dev training will keep your company tech-relevant

By Alex Lobera25 Jan 2019
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Technology evolves pretty fast, and in the highly competitive tech sector, that makes it hard to keep your team and company tech-relevant.

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With advanced dev training, you can equip your team with the knowledge to satisfy their professional curiosity and take your company further. Why is that? We caught up with one of our clients, Eber Herrera, Technical Director from Xing, to find out why he and his team found our in-house advanced dev training valuable.

So here’s our breakdown of the top reasons why advanced dev training will keep your team and company tech-relevant.

1) You’ll motivate your team

One of the best ways to keep your team tech-relevant is to get everyone motivated, and training is a great way of doing that.

It teaches everyone new, more effective ways to develop apps in React. It gets them excited to try out new things and to build even better products.

Passionate coaches play a key part in getting your team motivated, and the pay off is huge. For instance, during a week-long intensive training at Xing,we delivered React training that was tailored to the team’s needs. After, Eber said:

The team is really motivated. We got what we wanted, which is that now our team discusses things in a different way. They’re more into the idea of doing things in the best way possible without compromising speed. [...] They want to do their job well.

2) You’ll standardise knowledge in your team

Miscommunication is a killer in any business, but it can be especially costly in tech.

For instance, you could have one team member who knows how to style in React, but doesn’t have the terminology to communicate his or her ideas to the rest of the team. This could become a bottleneck in the business, with products held up should another team member have to take over.

But advanced dev training helps you standardise knowledge across your team. Not only does that improve communication, it also improves your team’s performance

It shakes the tree,” said Eber. “For those who were falling behind a little bit, they now have a feeling like they understand why they have to do better and how there is so much more to their role.

Your team can evolve and develop together, helping each other (as well as the company) to stay tech-relevant.

3) You’ll empower your team

A team that feels appreciated is one that you invest time and resources in. If you set aside time to train and upskill your team, you’re making sure they know you appreciate them and want to develop their skills.

But it isn’t just about keeping your team happy. If you empower your team through training, they’ll be more loyal and less likely to move companies to advance.

At Xing, we have a collaborative environment,” said Eber. “We invest in training because, in the end, it pays off.

It motivates everyone and makes them feel good about their work.

4) You’ll promote greater teamwork

Conferences are great, but you can only ever send a handful of staff at any one time.

However, in-house dev training will see your entire team benefit. We’ve established that trainings like this will standardise knowledge, but what we haven’t said is that it will promote greater teamwork, too.

Eber said advanced dev training is a no-brainer.If you asked me if I would put my team in for this sort of training instead of a conference, I would say yes. I think it’s way deeper, you learn a lot more and, in the end, your team gets back way more rewarded.

That’s because it actually bridged the knowledge gaps his team had and equipped everyone with the language they needed to discuss projects with each other. Soon, Eber’s team discussed things differently, trying to find better ways to build and maintain apps.

5) You’ll optimise your team’s output

For a company like Xing, data is the be-all and end-all.

The only thing we work with is data and a nice UI, that’s what we deliver, so we need to stay relevant there,” said Eber. “The only way to do that is to use the right tools in the right way.

Advanced dev training is how you make that happen. When your dev team knows how to use tools like React properly, your team doesn’t only deliver work on time and to spec: your company benefits by getting products to market faster, too.

Most importantly, when your processes are faster, you can set aside more time to develop your team, making them more efficient and more tech-relevant.

It’s clear that advanced dev training has a lot of benefits, and that’s why we do what we do. At React GraphQL Academy, we work alongside your team to deliver effective, tailored ReactJS training. Our Corporate Team Training was a hit with Eber and his team at Xing, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to keep your team and company tech-relevant with our ReactJS training.

You can reach Eber Herrera on Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing

Find below the video of the interview if you want to watch the full interview

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