Are YOU the Perfect React GraphQL Student?

By Richard Moss6 Feb 2019
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Our training is catered to devs looking to upskill, but is it right for you?!

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We’ve been teaching since 2016 and in that time we’ve often been asked what makes the perfect React GraphQL Academy student. We’ve been asked what base knowledge you need, especially.

So today we’re going to answer a few FAQs to make sure you get the most out of React Training and GraphQL Training - and we’ll have some snippets from past students along the way!

What do our students learn?

To recap what the bootcamps are, they're week-long intensive GraphQL and React training. We introduce students to the technology and get them thinking in the React / GraphQL way whilst mentoring students rapidly.

They're deep dives into both technologies and feature our complete curriculums....

The React Bootcamp covers:

See full React curriculum here

The GraphQL Bootcamp includes:
  • GraphQL API Fundamentals
  • Advanced GraphQL API
  • Real-world GraphQL API
  • Production-ready GraphQL & React
  • GraphQL & React

See full GraphQL curriculum here

Obviously, this kind of developer training. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, but we make sure classes are small enough so that students get the most out of their face-to-face React and GraphQL training.

To get the most out of our training, you’ve got to be at the right stage in your career and at a certain level of experience.

How much experience do I need to learn React and GraphQL?

As I said above, the Bootcamps are intense and rapid. We’re not here to introduce you to coding, we’re here to supplement your knowledge and introduce you to a new technology. So the students who get the most out of our GraphQL and React training are experienced developers.

If you’re familiar with JavaScript but want to learn a new, efficient way to use it - and fast! - you’re ready for the React Bootcamp.

Although the training is intense, it’s worth it. One former student, Polina Stoyanova from, said she found the training "fantastic".

"It was really tiring, but it was all worth it. [...] Overall, it taught me many things I didn’t know that I didn’t know about React! So I would definitely recommend putting the time and effort in."

On another note, if you’re a manager the Bootcamp is perfect for levelling out your team. Our training will get your devs up to speed and enhance the knowledge of your best employees. Everyone will be on the same wavelength afterwards, and that team cohesion will pay dividends for you going forward. Find out more about how team training can level your team’s skills on our blog.

Check out the latest dates for all our React Training

Who will get the most out of the React / GraphQL Bootcamps?

But it isn’t just about experience. The ideal RJSA student is passionate about their work and loves what they do. You’ll get the most out of our week-long training if you engage with the material and are able to pick up new ideas quickly.

Similarly, the React training is great for helping you or your team progress in their career. You’ll diversify your skillset to futureproof your career.

That’s the opinion of Senior Software Developer, Davian Robinson anyway. After one of our London React Bootcamps, he said:

"Don’t be afraid - start right now. Book as quickly as possible because this is a very important skillset in the industry. That’s what I’d recommend - just go for it!"

Why should I learn React and/or GraphQL? Is it easy to adopt?

We’ll build on your baseline of experience to get you thinking in the React and GraphQL way. Throughout the week, you’ll always be coding. In every unit, you’ll work on a hands-on, practical mini-project so you can learn how to build in React and GraphQL.

See the 'Introduction to Thinking In React' project on our GitHub - you can try for yourself right now!

After the React Bootcamp, you’ll have all the skills you need to implement React best practices and apply it to your companies use case. The great thing about React is that it’s adaptable - you can easily adopt in your organisation. So if you want to change how your organisation creates UIs for the better, the React Bootcamp is for you.

Jaron Schulz, a developer from Berlin, had this to say:

"I would say, if you are interested and have some basic knowledge about React and JavaScript, you should come to [React GraphQL Academy] because it gives you high-quality knowledge in a short amount of time."

Check out the latest dates for all our GraphQL training

Why React GraphQL Academy?

There are loads of reasons to choose us - here’s just a few:

  • Rapid and thorough learning with expert coaches
  • Small face-to-face classes, roughly 1 for every 4 students
  • Practical application - you’ll be hands-on coding throughout
  • Alumni support following completion of the React training

If you think you’re ready to learn React, get in touch today!

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