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By Paul Woodley11 Jun 2019
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We’ve changed our name to React GraphQL Academy and here’s why…

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We’ve been teaching the React Ecosystem for many years now and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt is that being adaptable is key.

Staying relevant and up-to-date in an ever-changing tech world means our students can find those new and high-paying developer jobs. Of course, taking a punt on learning any new coding language can have some risk, but after using GraphQL since its creation in 2015 and teaching it as part of our React Curriculum, we believe it’s the future of effective app development.

On launching our GraphQL Bootcamp and Corporate Training a few months back, we had a fantastic response and felt that GraphQL offered so much to not just the React ecosystem, but to the wider development world…

Find out more about the GraphQL Bootcamp today...

What is GraphQL?

Just in case you don’t know, GraphQL was created as a new approach to communication with an API.

Instead of making multiple calls to an API and slowing down the whole application, only one call is made.

This makes apps faster and more stable as it does away with the traditional REST approach, which wastefully repeats similar calls and therefore makes complex development architectures slow and heavy.

Find out a lot more on our blog "What is GraphQL used for?"

How does GraphQL relate to React?

We’ve been teaching GraphQL as part of our React Bootcamp for a couple of years now and we fully believe that its implementation in an app makes back-end development easier and gives a richer experience to the end user.

Our Senior Coach, Richard Moss says:

"React and GraphQL were created by the same people - Facebook - and they’ve been using the two in harmony since 2012. It’s not always the case that technologies created by the same teams work great together, but in this case, they work great!"

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What will change at React GraphQL Academy?

The main thing that has changed is that we’re now delighted to create more GraphQL Bootcamps and Workshops. Developers can now take their career even further with the specialised skills that Development Leads will kill for!

Our React training will remain unchanged through our GraphQL curriculum. We’ll also be able to keep improving and enhancing our teaching through our expert coaches and by helping to sponsor meetups that helps the community.

React GraphQL Academy founder and head-coach, Alex Lobera says:

"We’re incredibly excited about our new name. After using and teaching GraphQL for a while now, we know it’s a proven technology that all developers could benefit from learning.

Our experience as React training providers lends itself perfectly to creating in-person and remote, advanced development training using the latest technologies. We cannot wait to show students how to create the most efficient apps out there!"

In summary - we love GraphQL so much, we changed our name!

Learn GraphQL with React GraphQL Academy

Check out our latest training dates below and visit our GraphQL Curriculum page for much more detail about what you and your team can learn from a GraphQL Bootcamp.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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