DB data sources, Relay Connections, and Security in GraphQL

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In this session, we'll discuss some important concepts when it comes to building real-world GraphQL APIs like security design and Relay Cursor Connections Specification (used by Facebook in production ;) We'll also see an alternative to wrap existent REST APIs and connect instead our resolvers to directly to Data Bases. For this, we'll connect to a MongoDB instance on the cloud.


  • Some experience with GraphQL. Heads up, this is not a beginner workshop. To attend this workshop you should already comprehend the following:
  • Some experience with Nodejs
  • A laptop with Nodejs >= version 8 installed


6:30 pm - Mingle & Setup

6:45 pm - Lecture "DB data sources, Relay Connections, and Security in GraphQL" by Alex Lobera

7:30 pm - Workshop, attendees will work on an exercise. We'll encourage you to do pair programming to learn faster and make new friends :) Bring your laptop with Nodejs >= version 8 installed.

8:45 pm - Recap and group discussion

9 pm - Time to go home :)

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Please be aware that the ticket only covers the cost of theevent, it does not include travel expenses.

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