Switching from REST to GraphQL Workshop

  • Date: 3 Jul, Wednesday
  • Venue:Adaptive: Avinguda Diagonal 200, 5th floor 08018 Barcelona Spain, see on the map

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GraphQL is changing the way we build modern applications, not only by making our apps more efficient but also by giving true autonomy to product & engineering teams and changing the way we think. If your project has heavily invested on REST, this workshop will help you understand and get started quickly with GraphQL by leveraging GraphQL on top of your existing REST API.



  • Thinking in Graphs rather than endpoints.
  • Learn how to connect resolvers to a REST API
  • Understand Schema Design principles


  • Experience in JavaScript and npm
  • Some experience building REST APIs
  • Computer with git and Node version >= 8 installed

JavaScript Barcelona


The event has ended

Please be aware that the ticket only covers the cost of the training, it does not include travel expenses.

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