TypeScript Evening: past, present, and future of TS

  • Date: 30 Jul, Thursday
  • Location:
  • Conference room: Zoom


Francisco Gomes

Software Engineer at Sainsbury's

Enthusiastic technologist, Francisco has spent his career, not only, exploring the latest features in Software Development but also teaching and mentoring professionals from a variety of countries. For the last years he has been focused immensely on TypeScript and, especially, its integration in the React ecosystem.

Alex Lobera

Tech Director & Founder at LeanJS

Experienced Full-stack Developer passionate about JavaScript, React and GraphQL. 15 years of experience in the software industry. Interested in digital products that make a social impact.

Tiago Gomes

Web Developer at AddCode

JavaScript lover. I want to believe I can build a better world for tomorrow's people. I like to share my knowledge with others and think together - after that what was mine is not anymore!




6:30 pm - Start: Waiting for everyone to join and quick intro


6:35 pm - Lightning Talk by Tiago Gomes: introduction to Deno

Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. In this lightning talk we will scratch the Deno surface introducing the tool and its importance for the developers community.

6:45 pm - Talk 1 by Francisco Gomes: Publishing a React custom Hook with TypeScript on NPM

NPM is the package manager for the Node JavaScript platform and for years has been the main tool for developers when it comes to reusability. Actually, it's hard to imagine a world without NPM. React Hooks took the frontend development world by storm and custom Hooks came to make component and logic reusability accessible for everyone. What about if we could make those custom Hooks available for others? In this hands-on workshop we'll make that happen with TSDX.

7:15 pm -Talk 2 by Alex Lobera: TypeScript in JavaScript monorepos

TypeScript simplifies JavaScript code, making it easier to read and debug.  With a monorepo, projects can be organized and grouped together in a way that can help reduce the cost of software development. The combination of TypeScript and monorepos can be very powerful. However, there are a lot of pitfalls before being effective. In this talk Alex will share lessons learned using TypeScript with Lerna and Nx in different projects.

Group Discussion

7:45 pm - 8:30 pm: Fishbowl Conversation

We will use a closed fishbowl conversation to facilitate the discussion. That means all the attendees will be in the same room. The host will pick a team of 5 people, who will be part of a fishbowl. This team will not be muted, being able to discuss the topic so that everyone else will be listening. All other people, except for the people in a fishbowl, will be muted. People who want to join the fishbowl should write in the chat that they want to join the conversation. Every 3 minutes one person in the fishbowl leaves (meaning he/she gets muted by the host) and the next one in the queue is unmuted. All this is done by the moderator (host).

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