GraphQL Evening with Round Table 💥 Online

  • Date: 27 Oct, Tuesday
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Uri Goldshtein

Founder at The Guild

Long-time open source veteran. Started The Guild to create a sustainable way of building and maintaining open source. Big believer in GraphQL. Worked in Apollo, collaborated with Facebook on the GraphQL Subscriptions spec, and created many famous open source libraries.

Alex Lobera

Founder at LeanJS

Experienced Full-stack Developer passionate about JavaScript, React and GraphQL. 15 years of experience in the software industry. Interested in digital products that make a social impact.

Dotan Simha

Chief Technology Officer at The Guild

Freelance full-stack developer, consulting and developing mainly in the web development world.




6:00 pm - Start: Waiting for everyone to join and quick intro


6:05 pm - Talk 1 by Dotan Simha: GraphQL + Typescript - the next generation

As you maybe already heard, combining GraphQL with Typescript can create very powerful developer tools. Using my GraphQL Code Generator library, many people in the ecosystem are auto generating fully typed resolvers, fully typed React Hooks and more! But now, using new features from the latest versions of GraphQL.js and Typescript, we can do even better! In this talk I would share a couple exciting new features that will become the future of the GraphQL and Typescript developer experience.

6:40 pm - Talk 2 by Alex Lobera: Do we really need a GraphQL client?

GraphQL might make our apps faster, but it could also make them slower in some cases. TTI is an important performance metric. It can be penalized if we bundle our apps with a lot of JS. If your app consumes data from a GraphQL API, do you always need a GraphQL client? In this talk I’ll explain what are the advantages of using GraphQL clients, and why you might want or might not want to use them in different scenarios.

7:15 pm - Talk 3 by Uri Goldshtein: GraphQL Schema Stitching - The next generation

So you’ve heard schema stitching was deprecated? Think again! Ever since The Guild took over the GraphQL Tools library, we’ve been working hard with many companies about creating the best GraphQL remote execution solution for the community. Better performance, better management of types and powerful gateway abilities. Add to that the option to pair with GraphQL Mesh to include non-GraphQL sources and you got a powerful gateway solution. In this talk I’ll share everything that happened with schema stitching in the last couple of months and why you should start using it today.

Group Discussion

7:50 pm - 8:30 pm: Fishbowl Conversation

We will use a closed fishbowl conversation to facilitate the discussion. That means all the attendees will be in the same room. The host will pick a team of 5 people, who will be part of a fishbowl. This team will not be muted, being able to discuss the topic so that everyone else will be listening. All other people, except for the people in a fishbowl, will be muted. People who want to join the fishbowl should write in the chat that they want to join the conversation. Every 3 minutes one person in the fishbowl leaves (meaning he/she gets muted by the host) and the next one in the queue is unmuted. All this is done by the moderator (host).

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