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Announcing our new GraphQL Bootcamp!

At React GraphQL Academy, we’re keen to get more people into the world of the React ecosystem. Our expert developers have been coaching…

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Who uses GraphQL anyway??

You may know what GraphQL is and why it’s so useful, but if you’re yet to be convinced of this syntax’s capabilities you need only look at…

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What is GraphQL used for?

Some say that data is the new oil, but it isn’t enough to just have a vast amount of data - you also need to know how to use it efficiently…

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What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a modern syntax for building and querying APIs, but what does that actually mean? And why should you use GraphQL?

  • At it's core, GraphQL describes how ot ask a server for data
  • Your apps decide what data they need and recieve only that
  • Therefore, GraphQL is very effecient and helps your system be well organised
  • It's growing at a fast pace and the community is fantastic!
Blog: What is GraphQL and What Is It Used For?

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