GraphQL MiniConf Amsterdam April 15, 2020

  • 150 Attendees
  • 6 Speakers
  • 4 Hours of Fun
  • 1 Evening


Tanmai Gopal

CEO & Co-Founder at Hasura

Tanmai Gopal is the CEO, co-founder of Hasura, an open-source technology company that helps modern product teams use GraphQL in cloud-native applications. Prior to Hasura, he ran a niche consulting firm helping enterprises migrate to container-based architectures. He is a fullstack developer whose areas of interest and work span React, GraphQL, Haskell, Postgres & Kubernetes.

Roy Derks

Senior Frontend Developer at City of Amsterdam

Roy Derks is a serial startup CTO, developer, author and conference speaker from Amsterdam. He also teaches React and GraphQL, and works on open-source JavaScript projects for the City of Amsterdam.

Alex Lobera

Head Coach & Founder at React GraphQL Academy

Experienced Full-stack Developer passionate about JavaScript, React and GraphQL. 15 years of experience in the software industry. Interested in digital products that make a social impact.

Uri Goldshtein

Founder at The Guild

Uri is the founder of The Guild, a group of open source developers in charge of the largest open source libraries in the GraphQL Javascript ecosystem. They hands-on support large companies, to help them manage successful technological transformations using open source tools and educational workshops. Uri is a former Apollo developer and a contributor to the GraphQL Subscriptions spec.

Sid Chatterjee

Senior Software Engineer at GatsbyJS

Core team at Gatsby. When he isn't writing code, Sid enjoys scuba diving, reading and lazing with his dogs. He lives in Mumbai, India and writes at

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What is a MiniConf?

MiniConf is just a shorter version of a Regular conferences you got used to.

There will be 6 Speakers, 150 attendees, and lots of networking and fun!

We’ve brought experts from all around the world so you could learn about GraphQL best practices and become a part of the GraphQL community!



5:30 pm - Doors Open

Drinks and networking

Lightning Talks

6:10 pm - First Lightning Talk


6:20 pm - Why GraphQL between micro-services is the worst and the best idea at the same time by Uri Goldshtein

GraphQL is great! So let’s just “GraphQL all the things!!” But does GraphQL really fits everywhere? What might be some of the issues of using GraphQL between services? In this talk I will demo the current ways of using GraphQL between services and reveal a new radical approach that might shine a new light on the subject.


6:30 pm - Building a GraphQL backend for a cloud-native era, by Tanmai Gopal

In this talk you will get to know how GraphQL works really well for monoliths & the problems that arise when taking GraphQL to microservice and serverless architectures. You'll see a few patterns that can allow for extracting the benefit of GraphQL while also keeping the benefits of a microservices/serverless architecture.

7 pm - GraphQL Without a Database by Roy Derks

Your frontend developers are pushing to get started with GraphQL, but you don’t have the backend capacity to migrate your existing REST APIs to GraphQL? In this talk, I’ll show how to wrap existing REST APIs into one single GraphQL endpoint on both the client and server side.


7:30 pm - Food and drinks


8:00 pm - GraphQL Transformation, are we ready to change? by Alex Lobera

GraphQL is transforming the way we build apps. Front-end devs love it because they get more control. Back-end devs or infrastructure engineers might feel pushed out of their comfort zone and refuse to change. Understanding how GraphQL can improve the way we build products is key for successful GraphQL adoption.

8:30 pm - How Gatsby uses GraphQL by Sid Chatterjee

GraphQL is one of the best things to have happened to modern web development. You might've heard that Gatsby uses GraphQL but Gatsby compiles away your GraphQL queries at build time. It's also what makes fetching data from 100s of different data sources possible and intuitive in Gatsby. In this talk, we'll dive deep into Gatsby's GraphQL layer and talk about automatic schema inference, schema customisation, build time query extraction and more.

Networking & Party

9:00 pm - 10 pm

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