Remote GraphQL Training: Raghu’s Story

By Lena Tregub4 Jun 2020
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After receiving a sponsorship from Hasura, Raghu took part in our remote GraphQL training programme. Here’s more about his story and journey!

We recently hosted our first GraphQL remote training. The training was a success, with students from far and wide taking part and discovering the power of GraphQL. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it.

We sat down with Raghu, a full-stack JS developer from India who attended the GraphQL remote training. Here’s a little more about his experience on the programme and how he was sponsored by Hasura to take part!

Meet Raghu, Full-Stack JS Developer

After the GraphQL training finished, we got in touch with one student to find out a little more about him. Raghu is a full-stack JS developer who works for a start-up in India. He was looking to expand his knowledge and skills, and felt that remote workshops and training sessions would be the best way to do that - especially during lockdown!

For Raghu, remote workshops are a great way to upskill and meet new people.

These are the things that make our experience as a dev much more useful for future job prospects - Raghu said.

Coming into the training, Raghu had a little experience in React but hadn’t exploref GraphQL fully before. He said that he had been looking for a good online programme to kickstart his GraphQL journey, but too often the courses fall short. They focus too heavily on the basics and truly hands-on experience with real projects doesn’t come until a lot later in the course - too late for Raghu’s liking.

Raghu's experience with React GraphQL Academy

The reason Raghu applied for React GraphQL Academy is because you get into projects quicker and, more importantly, because there are four different coaches. Raghu liked that our four coaches specialised in teaching different aspects of GraphQL, and that they introduced advanced topics like error handling.

In addition, Raghu said that this training structure meant you really went from “zero to hero” with devs of all levels of experience able to gain from the GraphQL remote training. That’s because

Other courses don’t really give you the full powers of GraphQL.

Raghu said that our training highlighted the most useful aspects of GraphQL and gave him the tools he needs to go forward with any project - it gave him “superpowers!”

Thoughts on Remote Training

We also asked Raghu about how he felt about remote training. He said that as a concept, it isn’t too scary for him. Of course, “90/100” would probably opt for in-person training, but the world is changing, especially during the current situation with the Covid-19. If you can still gain new skills and knowledge by simply embracing remote working, Raghu says you should just do it.

Sponsored by Hasura

At React GraphQL Academy, we aim to make our training available to as many devs who need it as possible. Sometimes, we hear of students that can’t raise the funds to join the training, but we don’t think that should be a barrier. That’s why we worked with Hasura, who offered a sponsored opportunity for a lucky student to take part in our remote training programme.

That lucky student was Raghu. We asked him about his experience with the sponsorship and how he got it. He said that he had been following React GraphQL Academy for a while, having gone through the curriculum and loved how it looked. In fact,

It blew my mind away! - he said.

He thinks that GraphQL is at a stage where React was two years ago -- the future is going to be big for GraphQL, so he wanted to get ahead of the trend.

We chose Raghu as winner of this sponsorship because of his drive and motivation. Fortunately for us, the sponsorship also came at the perfect time for Raghu - he was just about to start a new side project to demonstrate his skills for his portfolio, and now GraphQL will take centrestage for that project!

Join Our Next Remote GraphQL Training Opportunity

If you connected with Raghu’s story, you might be interested in taking part in our next remote training opportunity. We’re helping devs all around the world to learn GraphQL from the comfort of their own home or office, and more sessions are coming soon!

To learn GraphQL from anywhere with experienced coaches, head to our GraphQL training page and book your trial session today. Questions? Get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions about our remote training and how they can help devs like you to upskill and go further in your career.

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