Corporate GraphQL Team Training

Private team training, located in your offices anywhere in the world, based on our proven GraphQL curriculum.

GraphQL Training Curriculum Example

Day 1 - GraphQL API Fundamentals

Nodejs and GraphQL fundamentals.

Day 2 - Advanced GraphQL API

Implement a GraphQL API, Advanced Schema, Performance.

Day 3 - Real-world GraphQL API

Data sources and GraphQL in production considerations.

Day 4 - Production-ready GraphQL & React

Testing GraphQL, replacing redux with GraphQL and production tooling.

GraphQL & React

Apollo Client, Advanced Queries and mutations.
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How tailored is training?

As any training progresses and we discover issues your developers have, we quickly adapt our learning methods to ensure meaningful learning.

Level expertise across your team

If you're looking to change your tech stack, avoiding risk is key. So knowing developers are on the same skill level can really help.

Great for experienced developers who know JavaScript, our training is a deep dive into React, GraphQL or React Native.

Pricing, locations, scheduling

We have run private trainings worldwide and work around your schedule.

For pricing information, it's best to email us to get a tailored quote but our Key Facts PDF has information regarding pricing too.

Team Training - Key Facts
"It's really hard to find good advanced tech training. In house, you standardise the knowledge [in a team] and start doing things the right way."

Eber Herrera, Technical Director - Xing

How Training Keeps Xing Tech-Relevant (Blog)

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Why React GraphQL Academy is great for your dev team

  • Avoid delays & business losses with more reliable and consistent code
  • Increase employee retention, motivation, and productivity
  • Great for team building, and a safe environment for devs to learn.
  • Minimise the risk of onboarding React
  • Delivered wherever you need - worldwide!

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