3-Hour GraphQL Trial

With this trial of our GraphQL part-time training, you will be able to make an informed decision before purchasing the full training

GraphQL Trial Outline


  • Switching from REST to GraphQL
    • What GraphQL is and what it is not
    • Advantages of GraphQL over REST
  • Schema fundamentals
    • Schema Definition Language (SDL)
    • Types and Fields
    • Queries and Mutations
  • GraphQL API
    • Query validation and execution
    • Resolvers
    • Rapid GraphQL development with mocked data
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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the main functionalities and responsibilities of a GraphQL Server
  • Learn how to migrate an existing REST API to GraphQL and start “thinking in graphs”
  • Start identifying potential problems when running real-world GraphQL APIs
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"As a freelance developer, I was tired of doing online courses on my own without live support. [The training] was fantastic - the teachers didn't leave a single question unanswered."

Rafa Fraga, Software Engineer

Is this 3-hour trial right for me?

  • Are you a developer with some experience developing Nodes.js APIs?
  • Do you want to take a step forward to become a GraphQL Specialist to build modern and efficient APIs?

If you've said 'yes' to these, this trial could be for you!

Not for beginner devs!

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