GraphQL Apollo Client

Create production-ready React applications with the most community-driven GraphQL client

GraphQL React Apollo Client #

Learn how to create production-ready React applications with the most community-driven GraphQL client: Apollo. This hands-on training covers fundamentals and advanced features, see below the detailed curriculum.


  • Apollo Client Fundamentals
    • Fetching data with GraphQL queries
    • Changing data using GraphQL mutations
    • Caching GraphQL data
    • Authentication
    • Error handling
  • Advanced Apollo Client
    • Managing local state
    • Using fragments for code reuse
    • Pagination
    • Improving performance
    • Advanced networking with Apollo Link
  • GraphQL Client consolidation project
    • GraphQL Tooling to speed up front-end development
    • Bring your own project or use one suggested by the training to consolidate:
      • Client configuration
      • Data fetching
      • Caching
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"As a freelance developer, I was tired of doing online courses on my own without live support. [The training] was fantastic - the teachers didn't leave a single question unanswered."

Rafa Fraga, Software Engineer - Freelance

Is this one day workshop right for me? Are you... #

  • A developer with some experience developing React applications?
  • Familiar with front-end technologies like React, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML?
  • Taking a step forward to become a GraphQL Specialist able to make critical decisions about the architecture of an application.

If you've said 'yes' to these, this workshop could be for you!

Not for beginner devs!

This is not a learn-to-code workshop!

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