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Server-side rendering SSR made easy with React

Server-side rendering refers to the technique in which a web server returns dynamic HTML on the HTTP response. By dynamic I mean the HTML on… Learn More

React is all about composition

Software development is, in essence, the process of breaking a problem down into smaller problems, implementing solutions for those smaller… Learn More

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What is React?

Created by Facebook in 2015, React is a JavaScript library - not a framework - that creates user interfaces. Basically, it's a simpler and better way of developing apps because...

  • React is declarative
  • It's all about Reusable Components
  • React is SEO friendly
  • It fully embraces JavaScript
  • It's growing at a fast pace and the community is fantastic!

Blog: Why You Should Learn React Right Now

Polina Stoyanova, a software engineer from tray.io, explains her experiences of learning React on our React Bootcamp

Blog: Are YOU the Perfect React Student?

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