Intern to Dev Lead via learning React - Lara’s story

By Lena Tregub28 Aug 2019
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We recently caught up with Lara Ramey, a former student on the React Bootcamp, to find out how the training has changed her career and day-to-day. Here’s Lara’s story when she learned how to use React.

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Meet Lara

Lara Ramey works at Cosy, a clever app that allows you to control your thermostat on the go. When she joined Seattle based Cosy, Lara was just an intern, but following a merger with a larger organisation, a lot of the more senior developers left.

Lara quickly stepped up to the plate and put extra time and effort to make sure she could plug the gaps. She realised that although she knew about React, if Cosy was going to keep succeeding she’d need to brush up on her React knowledge.

Following the React Bootcamp, Lara’s confidence and career prospects have greatly improved. She now leads and trains two devs within the department, showing them how to use React skilfully - Lara has even trained her old mentor from when she started as an intern! "It’s cool to teach your teacher!" Lara said.

Why React Bootcamp?

Lara came to the Lisbon React Bootcamp to quickly upskill. She wanted to learn how to use React more for both the company and for herself. Mainly, she wanted to bring more to the company.

React Bootcamp helped her do that. It gave her the knowledge and practical skills to return to Cosy and reassess how they were doing things. More importantly, it helped her to analyse her previous work and see how it could be improved through React. In the past, she said she had been more "creative" when it came to solving problems, but it’s clear to her now this wasn’t always best.

However, now Lara has learned how to harness that natural creativity and combine it with React skills to produce more effective work. She says that the React Bootcamp focused her, and that she can get to solutions faster than before. She’s less stressed and more confident as a result, which helps the company succeed.

The practical impact of React Bootcamp

Lara looked back at the codebase after the React Bootcamp. Equipped with new knowledge about composition and best practices, she was able to recommend new ways of working that would enhance the core product.

Firstly, Lara got the company to move their main front end libary to React. This called for a fundamental shift in thinking within the company, but it has had positive effects.

By using reusable components built in React, the company is able to grow its core product offering by platforming and building other apps on top of the existing product.

The value of face-to-face React training

Another thing Lara was really impressed with, was the ratio of coaches to students and the value of face-to-face training. During Lara’s Bootcamp, there was Richard, Alex, and Francisco present, all on hand to answer Lara’s questions and help her learn React.

React Bootcamp improved Lara’s career prospects

The effect on Lara’s career prospects was instantly positive. On bringing back extra skills to the team, she was offered a clear path to promotion and knows that her earning power has increased because of the training.

When Lara returned to work after the Bootcamp, she gave a TED-style talk to the rest of the team. Her confidence shined through, and she was offered a promotion the following week. "I’m real happy with how things turned out," said Lara.

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