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By Ingrid Amitricioaei23 Nov 2019
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On December 6th, join React GraphQL Academy at the phenomenal React Day Berlin to unlock the web of tomorrow.

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After a successful appearance at React Amsterdam earlier this year, React GraphQL is thrilled to be attending React Day Berlin this December 6th. If you’re heading to this day-long conference, make sure you catch our founder Alex Lobera in the West Hall at 15:00. You can also catch us at the pre-party celebration. Here’s more about the conference and what we’ll be getting up to at React Day Berlin.

What Is React Day Berlin?

For those of you who don’t know already, React Day Berlin is the place to be this December if you’re a React developer in Europe. Since 2017, the Berlin React community has run two React conferences with the last edition uniting 800 engineers from Germany and around the world.

React Day Berlin is all about diversity and the sharing of ideas. The conference brings together React professionals and rising stars alike to share a plethora of React information across two stages. The speakers will answer all your questions, be it on architecture, design systems, GraphQL, Reason and much more besides.

To grab one of the last few remaining tickets to the workshop with React GraphQL Academy founder, Alex Lobera, head to React Day Berlin’s EventBrite now.

Join Alex Lobera for a Tailored Workshop

Our founder and veteran React trainer, Alex Lobera, will be attending React Day Berlin and running his very own workshop on 4th December - don’t miss it!

For many developers, writing tests is difficult. It’s hard to both write tests quickly and to write tests that increase confidence. But if you can master how to write fantastic code that abides by core programming principles and how they apply to your libraries of choice, you can create exemplary tests for your React applications.

Join Alex for his unique React workshop in Berlin to learn testing principles and best practices for your React projects. You’ll walk away knowing that tests should help us refactor code without having to change corresponding tests, and that that tests should increase confidence in the React application.

Learn more about Alex’s workshop.

Want to know more about Alex? Check out our About Us.

Don’t Forget the Pre-Party Celebration

After the workshops on December 4th, React Day Berlin moves to what’s perhaps the best day of the conference week: the pre-party!

As React Day Berlin partners, React GraphQL Academy is proud to host the pre-party event where delegates can meet each other and network over all things React.

Taking place at the charlottenstraße 4, 10969 Berlin, and in cooperation with expertlead, the event is both free to attend and a great chance to meet React GraphQL Academy at React Day Berlin where our coach and speaker Alex Lobera will also be giving an exclusive talk. Register now!

Don’t Miss React GraphQL Academy talks at React Day Berlin!

Testing is all about principles - that’s the name of Alex’s talk at React Day Berlin, building on his workshop theme from 4th December.

Should we use React-testing-library or Enzyme? What about snapshot testing? What should be our code coverage? These and many more are the questions that we hear most when we discuss testing. But while these questions are easy to discuss, the answers won’t necessarily help us to write more reliable and flexible code.

Alex will show delegates how to write better tests that in turn will help them to write better code. He’ll discuss a range of programming principles that are essential to writing exceptional code. It isn’t a talk to miss!

More on all the speakers’ talks here.

Enjoy a React Day Berlin Discount

React Day Berlin is a phenomenal event based in the very heart of Berlin, a go-to for every React and GraphQL developer in the region. With 30 speakers across two stages and a host of workshops, networking events and more across three whole days, there simply isn’t a better React-focused conference in Europe this December.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and put yourself ahead of the game by attending React Day Berlin this December. Haven’t got your ticket yet? Use our exclusive discount to grab your ticket and attend workshops from veteran instructor Alex Lobera.

Meet React GraphQL Academy in Berlin

We’re excited for React Day Berlin this December 6th, and we’re extremely excited to meet everyone who’s going, too. If you’re one of the lucky 800 attending this year’s conference, be sure to reach out and connect with us ahead of the event - we’d love to meet you.

To find out more about React GraphQL Academy and what we specialise in, check out our Bootcamps and Part-time training today! You can also get in touch with our friendly team for a chat.

One more thing: don’t forget to come along to the pre-party before the conference itself!

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