Heading to React Amsterdam? We’ll see you there!

By Richard Moss5 Feb 2019
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Not only is it our first time at React Amsterdam, we’re also running our first part-time training in Amsterdam this March - and you’re invited!

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As the alumni from our training will probably tell you, we live and breathe all things React here at React GraphQL Academy. True as that is, for some reason we’ve never had the opportunity to visit React Amsterdam before, the biggest React conference in the world!

This year, we’re going to set that right. We’re not just attending React Amsterdam though, we’re running a day-long React Amsterdam workshop, too. But the good news doesn’t stop there: before the conference, we’re also bringing our part-time training to Amsterdam in March. We don’t like to do things by half…

Why React Amsterdam?

If you haven’t heard of React Amsterdam before, you’ve been missing out. It’s the world’s largest conference dedicated to our favourite JavaScript library, with over 1300 React devs and fans convening for four days to learn, network and talk all things React.

React Amsterdam attracts the best and brightest minds working with React today. Expect speakers from industry giants like PayPal, Facebook, Amazon AWS, GitHub, Hive, and many more besides.

But that’s just on conference day itself. For the two days before the main conference starts, React devs can get extra training in workshops led by industry professionals and gurus.

In fact, we’re not only attending our first ever React Amsterdam conference this year. We’re also bringing a taster of our renowned React GraphQL Academy training curriculum and teaching style. Join us on April 11th 2019 for the React GraphQL Academy workshop!

What to expect from our React Amsterdam workshop

During our day-long React Amsterdam workshop, you’ll get a taster of our reputed React knowledge and teaching approach.

Suitable for Intermediate JavaScript/React Developers and Junior React Native Developers, you’ll learn how to create reusable and maintainable React Native UI.

You’ll also understand the best practices and patterns for building real-world React Native applications.

Not bad for a day’s workshop, is it?

Can’t wait until April? Join our Amsterdam part-time React training in March

Here at React GraphQL Academy, we’re all about helping developers take their career further by learning React. We were the first to start teaching React in Europe, and now we’re proud to bring our proactive, hands-on part-time training to Amsterdam.

During the part-time React training, you will learn:

  • Modern JavaScript
  • How to think in React
  • Routing & data fetching
  • Forms & auth
  • Styling in React
  • Redux & Redux principles
  • Testing in JS
  • Advanced patterns

Then in the final session, we’ll show you how to apply all you’ve learned to real-world projects, giving you the power to take your career even further.

See what our alumni thought of our training below:

Want to get involved in our part-time React training in Amsterdam? Find out more and sign up today!

If you’re interested in attending React Amsterdam, better hurry: tickets are selling fast. Reserve yours now!

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