Learning React, improving job prospects, making friends - Rafael’s story

By Lena Tregub2 Oct 2019
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Following the recent Lisbon React Bootcamp, we caught up with React GraphQL Academy student Rafael to hear what he had to say about our React training...

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Meet Rafael

Rafael Fraga joined us in Lisbon to learn React fast during our week-long React Bootcamp. Rafael is a front-end developer who has always been passionate about coding, and even taught databases and development in Spain. After a stint in property sales, Rafael was keen to get back to what he enjoyed most: developing. He started up again as a freelancer and was keen to develop his skills further to enhance his job prospects. Catch up on what Rafael had to say when we caught up with him below.

Learning React

In short, Rafael chose to learn React because it is “the future”. He had a lot of experience working in JavaScript, and he understood that this was where the industry was going.

But the question Rafael needed to answer was what framework or library he would learn to improve his skill set further. He saw a lot about Angular, but between what he found online and what his friends had to say, Angular felt like a bit of a dead end.

React, however - now that was a different story. Rafael’s friends all recommended React to him. Similarly, all of the job opportunities Rafael was finding online seemed to favour React.

It wasn’t long before Rafael was trying to learn React. He tried a couple of online courses, but these weren’t great for learning React properly. If he got stuck with a problem on these courses, it would take forever to get an answer to a question.

Not so with React GraphQL Academy. Rafael loved the way our React development training was in-person and had a high coach-to-student ratio. He quickly signed up.

Prior to the start of the React training, Rafael was pleasantly surprised to find that we sent him material beforehand so he could learn the basics and be in the right place to learn advanced React principles.

Then, during the training, Rafael said that our coaches Alex and Francisco didn’t leave a single question unanswered, making the Bootcamp a very rewarding experience. It was fast, fun, friendly, and explained everything you need to know about React.

Improving job prospects

By learning React during our intense but fun Bootcamp, Rafael says his job prospects have massively improved.

I am confident about my skills and the tech and where it’s going in the future.

The great thing about React Bootcamp was that it was beneficial to mid-level, senior and even “super-senior” developers. Rafael said that there were Heads of React present, some of whom had flown to Lisbon from Seattle, USA, to attend, that were leaving saying that the training was everything they wanted it to be. So if that’s the case, Rafael is confident his job prospects have improved a lot!

Making friends

The very nature of React Bootcamp means you’ll probably leave with some new friends. It’s a week-long training, where we provide a great learning environment to make sure you are in the best mindset to learn React properly.

Rafael made loads of new friends and expanded his network during React Bootcamp. What helped was the fact that everyone wanted to help everyone else. If coaches were busy but another student had finished their exercise, they would come and help Rafael complete his exercise. They could exchange thinking, and then bounce their ideas off one of our coaches to enhance their knowledge. Rafael said the Bootcamp is collaborative and great to be a part of.

Now, Rafael has joined our alumni community. On our dedicated Slack group, he can keep up with his new friends and find new job opportunities from other alumni.

Just do it. I think it’s difficult to talk this way, but if I do it’s because I thought React Bootcamp was the best course on the planet. Just go with these people!

Sign up to the next React Bootcamp

Rafael had a great time during React Bootcamp. The question is: do you want to improve your job prospects, expand your network and make some great new friends by learning React, just like Rafael? Then the React Bootcamp is the place you need to be.

The React Bootcamp is a week-long and intense React training designed to help you learn React the right way and fast. Afterwards, we’ll continue to provide you with learning material and you’ll be able to join our alumni network.

If you want to learn React, simply get in touch today!

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