Advanced ReactPart-Time Training: Remote

Expert coaches and developers will work remotely alongside you on real-world React problems a few hours a week so training does not impact too heavily on your work.

  • Date: TBD

Advanced React Part-time Training Outline

This training is usually combined with the Fundamentals in a training bundle. It allows you to learn the advanced React concepts in 3 Fridays. If you don’t want to purchase the complete React Advanced Training, you can choose to attend only one or two of the three React JS Advanced sessions which you’ll find in the 1-day React Workshops page.


Day 1 - Functional Programming and advanced patterns
4-hour training

Day 2 - Advanced Hooks and peformance
4-hour training

Day 3 - Testing in JavaScript
4-hour training

Day 4 - Real-World Testing in React
4-hour training

Day 5 - CSS-in-JS and theming
4-hour training

Day 6 - Design Systems in React
4-hour training


Further details

  • Food not included.
  • Accomodation not included.
  • Hands-on training and progressive curriculum based on our teaching method.
  • Cohort and alumni Slack channels.
  • Further questions? Contact us :)
""I could message them [the coaches] anytime and they would come and answer my questions or any doubt I had, if I was going the right direction or if I was using the pattern right...""

Lara Ramey, Software Developer - Meredith Corporation

Is this advanced part-time React training right for me?

If you want to learn React advanced and you don't want to commute or travel, let's meet online! This training is remote and live, and is suitable only for developers with at least one year experience in React. Read more here about the experience required.


  • Working knowledge of React
  • Good understanding of modern JavaScript (spread & rest operator, destructuring, etc)

Do you have any questions? Contact us :)


There is no event scheduled

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Bootcamp and Part-time Bundle?

It is spaced in a few weeks with minimal work interruption and more time between sessions to assimilate the knowledge and have some rest. React Bootcamp is a fast-paced learning program that allows you to learn React fast, in only 6 days of full-day training. React Part-time Bundle training has the same curriculum, but a slower learning pace.

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