1-Week React ReduxBootcamp: London

Fast learning in one week of React Bootcamp in London. This hands-on training will get you to own your next projects.

React Redux Bootcamp Outline

The React Bootcamp in London consists of the combination of the Fundamentals and the Advanced. It’s a fast-paced program that allows you to learn React in one week of full-time training in London. If you want to make sure this is the training for you, you can try it first online.


Day 1

Thinking in React, Modern JavaScript, Routing & Data Fetching. Find out more

Day 2

Forms, Authentication, and Hooks. Find out more

Day 3

Redux Fundamentals, deployment to production. Find out more

Day 4

Advanced React patterns and performance. Find out more

Day 5

Real-World Testing in React. Find out more

Day 6

Building a UI component library. Find out more


Further details

  • Food not included.
  • Accomodation not included.
  • Hands-on training and progressive curriculum based on our teaching method.
  • Cohort and alumni Slack channels.
  • Further questions? Contact us :)
"When I got back [from the training] I had to make this 2-hour tech talk... I did that talk on Wednesday and the following Tuesday I was called into my manager's office, and he is in the works to getting me a promotion now"

Lara Ramey, Software Developer - Meredith Corporation

Is this React Bootcamp right for me?

Extremely rapid and intense learning. This training is ideal for experienced programmers familiar with good practices - not for beginners!

Hands-on training in small classes with expert developer coaches that work alongside you in this React journey. Most of the time you'll be coding, so make sure you are a good fit for this experience before applying. You'll also a growing network of alumni for advice, knowledge, and social fun!


  • Familiar with CSS, HTML, and git
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript
  • You have tried to learn a bit of React by yourself

Do you have any questions? Contact us :)


There is no event scheduled

Please be aware that the ticket only covers the cost of the training, it does not include travel expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide VISA support?

In case of Visa rejection, you can get a refund or attend a remote training. Yes, we can provide you with an Invitation letter. After completing your React JS training purchase, please send us a message to hello@reactgraphql.academy to receive your Invitation letter for the Embassy.

How can I prepare well?

You will receive a Welcome email with all the course details and pre-course learning materials before the training. That will help you to prepare well for the React JS training and get to know the tools we’ll use.

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