React FundamentalsPart-time Training

Learn the fundamentals of React without leaving work behind, in our part-time training

React Redux Fundamentals Part-time Outline

This is our React Fundamentals part-time training: it’s usually combined with the Advanced one in a Bundle that allows you to learn React in the evenings, without needing to take time off from work. It consists of 8 days of training structured into 3 hours per day for 3 days and will give you the instruments for understanding React JS. You can also try the first session online before deciding.


Day 1 - Thinking in React
3-hour training

Day 2 - Modern JavaScript
3-hour training

Day 3 - Routing & Data Fetching
3-hour training

Day 4 - Recap: build a React app from scratch
3-hour training

Day 5 - Forms & Auth
3-hour training

Day 6 - Hooks beyond the basics
3-hour training

Day 7 - Redux
3-hour training

Day 8 - Fundamentals project and deployment to production
3-hour training

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"The point is to make mistakes and Richard and Alex were good at setting that sort of atmosphere where actually you’ll learn more by not doing it right first time"

Georgina Hodgkinson, Developer and trainer - Bletchley Park Coding Club for Girls

Is this React part-time training right for me?

You're applying for some meaningful, collaborative learning. This training is hands-on, which means you'll be coding more than listening to theory lectures.

With this training you can learn React fundamentals without missing work, as it's going to take place only a few times per week, 3 hours per session. Before enrolling, make sure you meet the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we going to build an application on the training?

Our students finish the Fundamentals with 2 projects: 1. First one is provided by us. It’s a clone of Facebook Messenger. Students during the Fundamentals add features to it as they learn things. 2. An application built from scratch by students using a given API.

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