3-Day React ReduxFundamentals Training: Remote

Learning React Fundamentals fast in a remote training with expert coaches teaching you React live.

  • Date: TBD

React Fundamentals Training Outline

This is a React live training that allows you to learn React from home or the office. It’s a fast-paced remote learning program where you can learn the basics of React JS fast, in only three days of full-time course. If you want to make sure this is the best training for you, try it first remotely.


Day 1

Thinking in React, Modern JavaScript, Routing & Data Fetching. Find out more

Day 2

Forms, Authentication, and Hooks. Find out more

Day 3

Redux Fundamentals, deployment to production. Find out more


Further details

  • Food not included.
  • Accomodation not included.
  • Hands-on training and progressive curriculum based on our teaching method.
  • Cohort and alumni Slack channels.
  • Further questions? Contact us :)
""When you're learning something your energy level goes down a little bit. But they [the coaches] were able to bring it up, they're really funny and also got such brilliant humour.""

Georgina Hodgkinson, Developer and Trainer - Bletchley Park Coding Club for Girls

Is this React Fundamentals training right for me?

Are you a developer interested in starting quickly your career as a React developer? We built this remote React fundamentals program to give you the opportunity to start with React, and do it comfortably from your home or office. It's a hands-on live training so make sure you have a good connection and are ready to code! Read more about the required experience to attend this training before applying.


  • Familiar with CSS, HTML, and git
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript
  • You have tried to learn a bit of React by yourself

Do you have any questions? Contact us :)


There is no event scheduled

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a Certificate after the training completion?

Yes, you’ll receive a telematic Certificate of attendance and course completion a few days after the React training.

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