React Part-time BundleFundamentals + Advanced

Master the React ecosystem by working with industry experts without having to cut into valuable work

React Part-time Training Bundle Outline #

This React part-time training consists of the combination of the Fundamentals Part-time and the Advanced Part-time. This React Redux training is distributed in 3 sessions per week of 3 hours per session for the Fundamentals, and 3 full Fridays for the Advanced, and allows you to learn without postponing other projects. Do you want to try it first?


Day 1 - Thinking in React
3-hour training

Day 2 - Modern JavaScript
3-hour training

Day 3 - Routing & Data Fetching
3-hour training

Day 4 - Recap: build a React app from scratch
3-hour training

Day 5 - Forms & Auth
3-hour training

Day 6 - React Hooks
3-hour training

Day 7 - Redux
3-hour training

Day 8 - Fundamentals project and deployment to production
3-hour training

Day 9 - Advanced React patterns and performance
8-hour training

Day 10 - Real-World Testing in React
8-hour training

Day 11 - Building a UI component library
8-hour training

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"Whatever business you're in, [the training will] enhance your work. It helped my confidence and boosted me to be in line for a promotion!"

Lara Ramey, Software Developer - Meredith Corporation

Is this React part-time training right for me?

  • Meaningful, collaborative learning
  • Personal mentoring rather than massive online open courses
  • Don't miss work days or projects
  • Not for beginners!
  • Discuss real-world projects to learn best practices
  • Expert coaches with extensive React experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Bootcamp and Part-time Bundle?

React Bootcamp is a fast-paced learning program that allows you to learn React fast, in only 6 days of full-day training. React Part-time Bundle training has the same curriculum, but a slower learning pace. It is spaced in a few weeks with minimal work interruption and more time between sessions to assimilate the knowledge and have some rest. Check out our blog for more details.

Will I get a Certificate after the training completion?

Can I pay in installments?

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