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Master the React ecosystem by working with industry experts without having to cut into valuable work

React Part-time Training Bundle Outline

This React part-time training consists of the combination of the Fundamentals Part-time and the Advanced Part-time. This React Redux training is distributed in 3 sessions per week of 3 hours per session for the Fundamentals, and 3 full Fridays for the Advanced, and allows you to learn without postponing other projects. Do you want to try it first?


Day 1 - Thinking in React
3-hour training

Day 2 - Modern JavaScript
3-hour training

Day 3 - Routing & Data Fetching
3-hour training

Day 4 - Recap: build a React app from scratch
3-hour training

Day 5 - Forms & Auth
3-hour training

Day 6 - Hooks beyond the basics
3-hour training

Day 7 - Redux
3-hour training

Day 8 - Fundamentals project and deployment to production
3-hour training

Day 9 - Functional Programming and advanced patterns
4-hour training

Day 10 - Advanced Hooks and peformance
4-hour training

Day 11 - Testing in JavaScript
4-hour training

Day 12 - Real-World Testing in React
4-hour training

Day 13 - CSS-in-JS and theming
4-hour training

Day 14 - Design Systems in React
4-hour training

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Lara Ramey, Software Developer - Meredith Corporation

Is this React part-time training right for me?

If you're ready for a complete React training but don't want to miss work or projects, this is the training that suits you. It's not for beginners, so make sure you meet the requirements before enrolling.

It's a personal mentoring type of training, where experts work alongside you and help you understand React step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay the React training in installments?

Yes, you just need to look for the “Pay in installments” box in the pricing area. Alternatively, just get in touch with us at

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