1-Day Advanced Patterns, FP and Performance Workshop

Understand how to use and apply React patterns including, HOC, render props and perpendicular composition with hooks

1-Day Advanced React Patterns, FP and Performance #

Course outline

Functional Programming & Advanced React patterns

  • Functional programming (FP)
    • Closures
    • Composition
  • Advanced React patterns to reuse functionality across components
    • Higher-Order Components (HOCs)
    • Declarative composition using the Render Props (AKA function as children)
    • Hooks (The future of React!)
      • Managing state and side effects with hooks
      • Custom hooks
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  • Profiling
  • Avoiding rendering
    • componentShouldUpdate
    • React.PureComponent
    • React.memo
  • Windowing
  • Memoization
  • Code splitting with React.lazy and Suspense
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"We're moving to React so I've looked at the codebase to identify where we could be using advanced patterns..."

Lara Ramey, Software Developer - Meredith Corporation

Is this one day workshop right for me? Are you... #

  • A developer with previous experience building React apps?
  • A developer who wants to upskill or specialise in advanced React skills?
  • A developer who is frustrated with slow performancce of your creations?

If you've said 'yes' to these, this workshop could be for you!

Not for React beginners!

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