1-Day React Foundation Workshop

Get started with React by creating a solid foundation that will help you speed up your career as React developer

1-Day React Foundation Curriculum #

Course outline

Modern JavaScript

  • Modern JavaScript for React - ES6 and beyond
  • Arrow Functions, Class syntax, Template strings
  • Destructuring
  • Default parameters, REST operator, Spread operator
  • Let and Const vs Var
  • REST + Spread properties
  • Iterators and functional programming in JS
  • Modules
  • Promises
  • ES6 exercise using TDD
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Thinking in React

  • The Imperative to Declarative Shift
  • Componentization
  • What is React made up of
    • Props & State
    • Classes Vs. Functions
    • One way data binding
  • Composition
  • Virtual DOM and JSX
    • React Components, Elements, and Instances
    • JSX and React.createElement
  • Developer tools
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Routing and Data Fetching

  • React Router
    • Declarative routing
    • Implementing a master-detail web application
  • Component lifecycle
  • Data management
    • Presentational Components Vs. Container Components
    • Data fetching
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"We're moving to React so I've looked at the codebase to identify where we could be using advanced patterns..."

Lara Ramey, Software Developer - Meredith Corporation

Is this one day workshop right for me? Are you... #

  • Ideal for React beginners.
  • You've done some online tutorials and can build very simple things with React that work, but you are not sure how and why they work.
  • Want to build a single-page app in React with navigation between different pages and you are not sure of the right approach.
  • Want to pull data from an API into a React app but you are confused with the different approaches you find on the Internet.
  • Not satisfied with the pace of online learning and it's lack of 1-on-1 mentoring.

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