3-Day React Native Immersive Workshop

3-day React Native Immersive training,
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3-Day React Native Immersive Curriculum


Day 1 - Fundamentals

  • Understand how React Native works under the hood
  • Build responsive user interfaces for both iOS and Android platform
  • Style React Native components including Flexbox styling and JavaScript styling syntax
  • Understand and create navigation workflows using best practices and platform APIs
  • Access and understand platform specific APIs
  • Access and understand how to use cross platform APIs
  • Target individual platforms for specific UI or API changes
  • Understand React Native ecosystem (popular packages and solutions)
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Day 2 - Intermediate

  • Understand and use various debugging techniques and which are most efficient/effective
  • Interact with external APIs over the network using fetch/xhr request or web sockets
  • Persist local data (encrypted/unencrypted) and overview best practices
  • Achieve animations using React Native APIs and helper libraries
  • Implement various gestures interactions using native APIs
  • Deploy application updates across the air bypassing the AppStore and Google Play
  • Testing React Native apps
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Day 3 - Advanced

  • Overview best practices to scale your apps
  • Introduce theming into your app.
  • Use advanced animation techniques and native gesture handling to improve your animations across the board
  • Creating more complex navigation workflows with nested and custom navigators
  • Writing Native modules in Objective C or Android Java and bridge them into React Native
  • Successfully debug native code
  • Implement storybook workflow for component driven development and interactive style guide
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"Demystifying Complex Animations Creation Process in React Native"

Vladimir Novick,

Is this React Native training right for me?

  • You have at least a few months of experience using React on the web. If you don't know React, we recommend you first to attend our React Bootcamp
  • Taking a step forward to become a React Native Specialist able to make critical decisions about the architecture of a React Native application.
  • Mandatory completion of the pre-course setup instructions (it will be sent 2 weeks before the bootcamp)

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