1-Day React Redux Workshop

Learn how Redux and React work together in practice, from Redux principles and FP through to Redux middlewares

1-Day Redux Curriculum #

Course outline

Redux Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Functional Programming (FP)
    • Data and behaviour
    • Data in, data out
    • Mutations
    • Pure functions
  • Redux Principles
    • Store, Reducers, Actions
    • Unique source of truth
  • React-Redux: Provider and Connect
  • Build your own version ofRedux using TDD
  • Fetching data from the server to Redux
  • Configure Redux from scratch in a React app
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Advanced Redux

  • Functional programming (FP)
    • Composing functions
    • Currying, thunks and higher-order functions
  • Advanced Redux:
    • Using the Redux middleware, and building your own Redux middlewares
    • Thunks, actions that dispatch actions. Implementing loading indicators using thunks
    • Using selectors to write more robust and performant code.
  • Time travel in Redux using Redux DevTools
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Is this one day workshop right for me? Are you... #

  • A developer with experience in JavaScript and with an understanding of React?
  • Interested in understanding Redux from top to bottom including Redux Middlewares and tooling
  • Looking to gain an in-depth understanding that will allow you to apply Redux to a large scale React appliaction or build upon an existing one.
  • Interested in going deeper into functional programming principles and how they apply to Redux

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