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Georgina Hodgkinson

August 23, 2019

“REACT 101 to REACT ADVANCED in 1 bootcamp - REACT GRAPHQL ACADEMY - London August 2019”

Wow what an intense and valuable React Bootcamp.

I had done a React greenfield project in summer 2018 as part of RGSoC. I was self taught and although we managed to finish the project a lot was done with as problem solving and pure grit and determination as opposed to any deep understanding of why. I kept hearing about "thinking in react" terms but really didn't grasp the enormity of what this meant. I do now and so much more. I am more confident and look forward to my next project using React.

This bootcamp covers not just what to do and what is available in the library of React, but also the thinking and reasoning behind why certain decisions are made, which is invaluable as a software engineer.

I loved the experience and examples that the passionate trainers Alex and Richard shared. They were real and not just made up easy classroom examples that you wouldn't expect in the real world. I really appreciated the discussions and justifications of using certain methods over using others.

The trainers are really keen and want you to learn as much as you can in this bootcamp. They take it in turns covering the intense amount of material but by breaking it up with their different styles of training means that you are able to absorb so much more material.

There is time for practising, experimenting in pairs and then discussing problems, misunderstandings and consolidating learning.

The curriculum is well put together. They use slides that are clear, organised and build upon previous sessions in a logical and easy to understand pattern. This bootcamp covers a lot of information that is up to date so you are learning the cutting edge methods and they share their resources openly.

As a qualified trainer it is rare that I find trainers that are both technical, hands on consultants and are able to explain their craft. Richard and Alex do this in a relax informal manner but have a genuine interest in solving problems and sharing their knowledge but also keep their hands on real life consultancy so to keep up to date with their skills.

I would definitely recommend this bootcamp to anyone wanting to learn React. It is a solid foundation, with advanced elements that will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to start on a React project.

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Check out the interview with Georgina here, or watch her video

Daniel Marksteiner

Nov 04, 2019

“A great, focused one week bootcamp introduction to React!”

I recently completed the one week React Redux bootcamp in London with Alex as our main tutor. I found the course to be an intense and very rewarding experience which will help set me up for a job in React development. We covered ES6 Javascript, functional programming, React basics, Redux, styling, advanced patterns and test driven development. The class size was small (around 7 people) which allowed lots of one to one tuition with Alex while completing exercises. There's also lots of opportunities to pair up with other developers on the course which I found especially helpful with students attending from a variety of development backgrounds.

I would say that we all found some parts of the course easier or harder depending on our individual programming experience which made pairing up all the more valuable. Alex is a fantastic tutor who explains things clearly. He doesn't always just give you the answer straight away to problems encouraging you to learn more effectively in the exercises through solving issues yourself. He has great patience and often stayed behind late after class to help us complete tasks or answer any additional questions we had.

My advice for anyone considering the course is that it's a very valuable experience and you'll get a lot more out of learning together in a real environment face-to-face with other developers. I would encourage anyone attending the course to brush up on the basics of ES6, functional programming and the core concepts of React. The team at the academy send plenty of handy links and exercises before you start and you'll get far more out of the course if you spend a short amount of time brushing up on your skills beforehand.

Overall I would definitely recommend this course for anyone considering learning React!”

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Sam F

Sept 11, 2019

“Intense and information packed”

I attended this course as a self taught programmer hoping to expand my knowledge and break into the job market. My only React knowledge before the course was the provided pre-course materials and online basics courses.

I learned a huge amount on this course, and would recommend it to anyone (provided they already have a solid foundation in JS and Git) who is looking to start using React professionally. The course covers everything from the basics of React to advanced concepts like higher order components and creating reusable component libraries.

I especially welcomed the opportunity to pair program with other students throughout the course, as this is something I had not done before in my previous self-study.

As a relative novice in software development I cannot understate how far this course brought along my knowledge and ability to write professional code. As well as specifics, the course also does a great job of covering theory and principles behind React development, i.e. 'How To Think in React'. For example, we covered ideas like declarative vs imperative programming, writing testable units, writing and code for developers rather than for users, and separation of concerns.

Throughout the course we also considered different approaches to each problem, discussing the benefits of each. This was invaluable, as software development is an ever changing landscape and it is important to consider why we do things as we do them, rather than just blindly following trends.

I came away from the course with as many questions as answers, but this is a positive thing, as it allowed me to consolidate my knowledge and continue learning in an informed way since finishing the course.

Many thanks to Alex, Richard and the team!

Source: SwitchUp

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