Lena Tregub

Lena Tregub

Happiness Officer at React GraphQL Academy

  • Passionate about finding a win-win way to tackle the toughest issues
  • Interested in learning behavioral psychology
  • Happiness Officer by vocation
"The Sky is a Limit. There is always a way out. If you can't find any - just stop, breath, and think better"

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Remote GraphQL Training: Raghu’s Story

After receiving a sponsorship from Hasura, Raghu took part in our remote GraphQL training programme....

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Learning React in COVID-19 times: Daniela's story

Changing careers is never easy. It’s a daunting prospect and sometimes it can feel simpler to just...

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Try React or GraphQL Training Before You Enrol

No matter what it is, when you make an investment in life you always want to try before you buy....

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